% That you do You fell

% That you do You fell He imagines the drawing on a floor, imagines stone throwin rejoices that got in obviously, the drawing is very brightly drawn before his internal sight, carefully jumps not to touch line, etc.

From supervision K.


On the other hand, game can occur without visible actions, entirely in respect of representation.

Kirilka places on an ottoman round itself toys.

Lays down among them.

About an hour silently lies.

% That you do You fell ill No.

I play.

How you play I look at them and I think that to them occurs.

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As you can see, the fairy

As you can see, the fairy And still you will let know to the kid as it is pleasant to please others.

Small children – egotsentrist, both think, and they care exclusively about the personal benefit; and to teach them to think – to care about others is already our care.

As you can see, the fairy tale will appear – and anywhere.

Only also it is necessary to make that to look at a usual subject and to send to place it in an unusual place, and to tell to itself that will be, if … And that will be, if – the puppy will dress boots; – at a saucer wings will grow; – fire will go on a visit to water; – the usual cap to turn into the invisible being; – the mitten will be lost and will go to look for the owner; – the computer will declare I was tired, – and will take to myself vacation … Absurdly Absurdly.

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Our instrument

Our instrument If there are the uniform conditions corresponding to mental features of age, then educational trajectories of children are connected with their identity.

If tutorials at everyone the, to these speak distinctions in reactions.

Means, in all scientific researches it is necessary to use a certain measuring tool.

Our instrument of measurement of mentality a training method.

Formulas to tests Bin and Simon do not give neither measures nor ideas at least approximate definition of I.


Because it would be necessary to understand, how the child learned answers to the put questions.

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Grammar people

Grammar people There is a box of office parts of speech with offices for pretexts and the unions.

A box of verbs with offices for forms of time, the person, number.

Children get used to find cards in these or those offices and to put them back.

Day when the teacher will explain the word meanin written on each box a noun, an adjective will come.

Grammar studying so will begin.

Grammar people and subjects.

If to call the person, an animal, they will answer, subjects are not present, they cannot.

And if could, surely would answer.

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As a result

As a result The understanding of speech by the child originally evolves from visual perception.

Process of training of children to understanding of speech usually is under construction as follows.

The adult asks the child Where that The question causes rough reaction to behavior of the adult in the baby.

Usually called subject right there show.

As a result of repeated repetitions there is a communication of a word said by the adult with a subject to which point.

Formation of this communication begins with the general reaction to a place where usually there is a subject, and on intonation of a question.

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The small

The small Bed, let's go with me! The bed very much was delighted.

Arina adhered a string to a bed and all of them together went on street.

Mother held the beloved daughter for the handle, and Arina held in hands a strin and the bed went with them.

They came home, to the street …, in the house … insert the address in apartment number … – Here my house, – Arina told, – come, a bed.

And here mine room, you will live here.

The small white bed with castors rose on the place – at a wall also told – Thanks, girl Arina.

– Every day I will wait for you, and when you will play, come to me, lay down and have a rest.

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Those ways

Those ways Studying of psychology will make the tutor more keen observer ready not only to understand the child, but also to support and develop all his best qualities.

NURSERY METHODSPSYCHOLOGY§ Methods of scientific and psychological studying of development of children The basis of any science is made by studying of the facts.

Those ways by means of which the facts are extracted, become clear, are called as science methods.

Methods of each science depend on its subject that it studies.

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  • Suggest to look at a subject, try to interest in it the kid.For a start use bright and contrast colors, begin with white and black.The child will enjoy picture examining with the image of human faces.Give the chance to consider the picture so long as it will be interesting to the child.When the kid will be tired and the picture will cease to interest it, clean it to the following time.Talk to the kid Begin the game communication with words or music.Talk to the kid so often as soon as it is possible.Sing! Tell that you do that are going to make.Sing to the kid song lullabies when he is going to fall asleep.
  • So, preschool children of fourfive years when they were given specially spoiled toys, in many cases correctly allocated the reason of breakage and eliminated it, but could not tell, why they so did, being limited to the instruction on any minor signs of toys.The same picture was observed in game which consisted in that, pressing buttons, to move a doll on streets of the toy city.Children learned to operate movement of a doll, brought it unmistakably into the right place, but as a rule, could not tell, how separate buttons are connected with certain movements of a doll.In order that the word began to be used as independent means of the thinkin allowing to solve intellectual problems without use of images, the child should acquire the concepts developed by mankind, i.
  • Came, ate – drank and … And what further Ask the child to draw.If the child to draw is not torn or is not able, you can it to make for it.Draw all members of the family over each dragon andor a drakonchik sign, who it father, mother etc., and then ask to spread out all of them on a leaf, as application.Only in it case you should prepare a home decoration too a table, a chair, the TV, case, box with toys, an ironing table, the computer and etc.too to display.Council if at the child or at you with dragons the intense the relations you, for example, suffer them cannot since the childhood, replace them in total on any other beings.
  • We provided it a freedom of choice Offer the ignorant peasant the real and counterfeit money and provide a freedom of choice.Having chosen a forgery, it is not free, he was mistaken.Having chosen the real money, it is not free, it was lucky.Free the peasant becomes when not only learns how to distinguish the present from counterfeit, but also will understand the social importance of that and another.Gift of internal education does the person free without any social permissions, that is without external free gains.
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